Multi-Channel Potentiostats

Research Grade Potentiostat

An electrochemical workstation tailor-made for energy research
A research-grade multichannel potentiostat, the VSP-3e was purpose-built to meet the demands of energy research applications. With space allocated for up to eight channels, this potentiostat is flexible enough to meet the demands of researchers and R&D specialists alike. And with +/- 1A (expandable up to 800A with boosters), Ethernet LAN for improved multiple user/PC connectivity, and built-in EIS, the instrument is especially suited to battery research applications.

  • Channel capability: 8
  • Voltage: ±10 V
    • Adjustable between -20 V to +20 V
  • Current: ± 1 A down to 20 nA
  • Compact, upright design reduces instrument footprint and saves valuable laboratory space
  • Future-proof: instrument easily upgraded with EIS, high current options, and new channels