Research Grade Potentiostat

From μA to 800 A: The power to do more
The new SP-150e is an electrochemical workstation designed to grow with your research needs. This two-channel, EIS-capable electrochemical workstation is perfect for a wide range of general electrochemistry applications, but the ±1 A current range makes it especially suitable for energy applications including battery, supercapacitor, fuel cell (RRDE compatible), and electrolysis research.

  • Channel capability: 2
  • Voltage: ±10 V
    • Adjustable between -20 V to +20 V
  • Current: ± 1 A down to 20 nA
  • Two channels: perfect for rotating ring disk electrodes (RRDE)
  • Highly modular potentiostat. Users can easily add high-current boosters (no factory upgrade required)
  • Future proof: instrument easily upgraded with EIS and a new channel